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Allendale Chamber of Commerce

Do you own a business or home-based business in town? Looking to network with other businesses and give back to the community? Ever wonder what the Allendale Chamber of Commerce does?

Our board invites you to become a member and get involved!

Our Mission: The Allendale Chamber of Commerce is organized to advance the commercial, professional, industrial and civic interests of Allendale, for the overall betterment of the community, and to provide social and networking features to promote these purposes.

For more information on the Borough of Allendale, please click here.

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Join the Allendale Chamber of Commerce

Membership Forms

The Allendale Chamber of Commerce welcomes businesses of all sizes to join our membership.

New Membership Application
Membership Renewal

Membership Fee & Annual Dues

To join the Allendale Chamber of Commerce, please submit a Membership Application (email to Info@AllendaleNJChamber.org) and make an appropriate payment as described below:

Maintain Your Status as a Member in Good Standing and Avoid a Late Fee

Please Make Your Annual Dues Payment by February 1 via check or use the PayPal link on the bottom of the page.

Membership Category

Allendale Business – Store Front, Service or Home Based
Membership Fee: $150.00 Annual Dues: $125.00

Non-Allendale Business *Subject to Membership Committee review and veto by current Allendale Business Member if the applicant represents a competing business
Membership Fee: $200.00 Annual Dues: $125.00

Community, Civic, Non-Profit Organization
Membership Fee: $100.00 Annual Dues: $100.00

– Unless you are invited as a guest, you must be a member to attend our meetings.
– Membership Fee / Annual Dues payment entitles an organization to one vote.
– Dinner meetings may be attended by a representative of each organization and at most one guest. All guests must be announced in advance.

Membership Fee

Annual Dues