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The Allendale Chamber of Commerce Scholarship is open to Northern Highlands Regional High School seniors who have demonstrated exceptional talent in DECA and other marketing organizations. The candidate is applying with the intention of pursuing the study of business or marketing at an institution of higher education.

The winner(s) of the Allendale Chamber of Commerce DECA Scholarship will receive a monetary award. The scholarship presentation is typically a dinner meeting, and applicants should be prepared to attend that meeting in June should they be selected as a scholarship recipient.

We CONGRATULATE the Allendale Chamber of Commerce’s Scholarship winners and wish them well in their future endeavors. Many thanks to the chamber’s membership and the Allendale community for generously supporting our fundraising initiatives, which generate thousands of dollars in college scholarships to deserving recipients.

2024 Scholarship Awarded


2023 Scholarship Awarded
to Chloe Ameri (First Place) and Meghan Gido & Porus Pavri (Second Place)

The scholarship winners are with Head DECA Advisor Zach Lisella. (Porus Pavri is not pictured.)

The scholarship winners are shown with the Allendale Chamber of Commerce’s Vice President (Kathryn Bleckman) & President (Scott Miller); Scholarship Committee Chairperson (Nickie Lisella); and their respective parents.

2022 Scholarship Awarded
to Mason Levy (First Place) and Luka Abuladze & Jeffrey Khang (Second Place)


2021 Scholarship Awarded
to Andrew DiGisi & Ava Lyons

2020 Scholarship Awarded
to Juliana Schmid, Lindsey Caruso, & Emily Bookstaver

2019 Scholarship Awarded
to Anatalia Sosinsky & Allen Park

2018 Scholarship Awarded
to Natalie Giammanco & Jacob Mendel

2017 Scholarship Awarded
to Alexandra Pirsos & Grace Travers

2016 Scholarship Awarded
to Julia D’Arecca

Julia’s Dad, Julia D’Arecca (Scholarship Winner), Nickie Lisella (Scholarship Committee Chairperson), Zach Lisella (Chamber Co-President), and Claudia Sanchez (Chamber Co-President)

2015 Scholarship Awarded
to Kayla Corbett

Tom & Mary Corbett, Kayla (Scholarship Winner), Nickie Lisella (Scholarship Committee Chairperson), and Adrienne Tenbekjian (Allendale Chamber President)

2014 Scholarship Awarded
to Jared Mezzatesta

Nickie Lisella with Scholarship Winner Jared Mezzatesta and His Parents

2013 Scholarship Awarded
to Jessica Jacoby

Birgit DeSotle, Nickie Lisella, Jessica Jacoby, Lois Farese (DECA Advisor), and Michele Calise

2012 Scholarship Awarded
to Andrew Rokoszak

Sharon Maloney, Nickie Lisella, Andrew Rokoszak & His Parents, and Joe Vargas

2011 Scholarship Awarded
to Nicole Sirubi

Scholarship Committee, Nicole, Her Parents, and DECA Advisors

2010 Scholarship Awarded
to Kaitlyn Dormer

Adrienne Tenbekjian, Joe Staub, Kaitlyn Dormer (Scholarship Winner), Nickie Lisella, and Susan Keane

2009 Scholarship Awarded
to Greg Griffoul

Nickie Lisella presents the award to Greg Griffoul with his family present.